Franck Laurent Grandpré
Auditorium San Mattia ai Crociferi
10-03-2019 - Palermo Classica Winter 2019

Stéphanie Elbaz
Auditorium San Mattia ai Crociferi
24-03-2019 - Palermo Classica Winter 2019

Thais da “Worms The Musical”
– Noi et Moi –
Piano, Sofia Vasheruk
Soprano, Mariia Elizarova
Musiche di J. Lèsar.

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when I'm alone,
she comes back.
I feel that she needs my sweet arms.

I can see
her bright eyes.
My heart's tearing me, my mind.

when I'm alone,
I reach Thais
It seems I've never left her.

when I’m alone,
'want to share
with those who are lonely and desperate.

Light and space fade away behind me,
because that time has gone away.
But in my mind
she is there with me.
My love for her, there'll always be.

when I’m alone,
'feel her warmth.
And yet those days have gone away.

Beyond the pain
and over the night,
please tell me why
I look at the sky.

And life goes on
silently before me
from nowhere to nowhere.
And everything is my illusion
of a vanished dream.
My love for Thais will never die.