The Musical in Concert

The Musical in Concert

17 Settembre, 2023 - ore 21:15

Piazza Falcone e Borsellino - Corleone
Piazza Falcone e Borsellino, Corleone

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The Musical in Concert

L. Bernstein
West Side Story
–       Suite n. 1
–       Suite n. 2

Laetitia Gerards, (Maria)
Gabriel Arce, (Tony)
Sarah Cardinale, (Anita)
Da definire,  (Rosalia)

A. L. Webber
The Phantom of The Opera
–       The Phantom of the Opera
–       The Music of The Night
–       All I ask of you (duet)

Da definire, (Christine)
Gabriel Arce,  (The Phantom)
Luigi Milazzo, (Roaul)


Alessandra Salerno (Grizabella)

Claude-Michel Schönberg
Les Miserablese
–       I Dreamed a Dream
–       On My Own

Laetitia Gerards, (Fantine)
Da definire, (Éponine)

G. Gershwin
Lady, Be Good
–       The Man I Love

Girl Crazy
–       I got Rhythm

J. Lésar
Worms The Musical
–       Into The Night
–       The Void (Duet with choir)
–       Thais

Kevin Greenlaw, (Father)
Da definire,  (Lou)
Da definire, (Nolwenn)
Marjukka Tepponen, (Mother)

A. L. Webber
–       Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Laetitia Gerards, (Evita)

G. Gershwin
Porgy and Bess (Estratti)
–       Summertime
–       A woman is a sometime thing
–       My man’s gone now
–       Oh, I can’t sit down
–       Lawd, I’m on my way (Duet)

Marjukka Tepponen, (Bess)
Kevin Greenlaw, (Porgy)

G. Gershwin
–        Girl Crazy
–        I got Rhythm

Laetitia Gerard, Soprano

L. Bernstein
–       Ouvertüre
–       Glitter and Be Gay
–       We Are Woman
–       Make Our Garden Grow (sestetto)

Da definire, (Cunegonde)
Laetitia Gerards (Paquette)
Marzia Molinelli, (Old lady)
Gabriel Arce, (Candide)
Luigi Milazzo, (Governatore)
Kevin Greenlaw, (Max)
Gianfranco Giordano, (Pangloss)

C.-M. Schönberg
Les Miserablese
–       One Day More

Laetitia Gerards, (Cosette)
Da definire, (Éponine)
Gabriel Arce, (Javert)
Kevin Greenlaw, (Jean Valjean)
Luigi Milazzo Tenore II (Enjolras)
Da definire,
Alessandra Salerno (Madame Thénardier)
Gianfranco Giordano, (Monsieur Thénardier)

Coro Pas Performing Arts
Marcello Iozzia,
Maestro del Coro

Marzia Molinelli, Regia

Palermo Classica Symphony Orchestra
Roberto Beltràn-Zavala, Direttore